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I could not see my future past the next week. I knew in my heart that I was not a clinically depressed person. I just wanted peace, clarity and focus. I came across Joan Marie Whelan thru Whoopi Goldberg and her radio talk show, and she intrigued me so much that I got on her website and read into it several weeks before I decided to purchase her CD series. Looking back at it now, I purchased the CD series in a desperate attempt to heal my emotional distress and I had such a strong desire to change.

Let me tell you that those CDs and workbook were one of several best things I ever did for myself in 2008!!!! My best gift to ME!!! Haha Within 3 weeks, I began to see a personal change in my manner of thinking, my outlook on my environment, my mindset, etc. My world is brighter and I see my future with better clarity. I see possibilities, opportunities and I feel more in control of ME and my circumstances.

Joan Marie speaks in a soft voice, but with strong clarity and logic. I didn’t have to have a PhD or be a spiritual guru to understand her or her method of teaching. Her meditations available on the CD series really helped me focus and filter my emotions. What I liked best about the CDs is that I could go back and hear them again (and I did…MANY times), and learn at my own best pace. The workbook was a great “visual” tool and really helped me organize and evaluate my thoughts and emotions, and as a result, my meditations were very productive. There’s no way to forget what you learn on these CDs because they are with you to reuse as many times as you wish. I tell you that these CDs will stay with me until they are worn paper thin, or they walk away by themselves.

I realized that my intuition is my emotions and my emotions controlled everything I think and did, mind and body. The How to Tap Into Your Intuitive Powers taught me how to could and resolve my emotions, rather than just submit to them. I am forever appreciative.

To me, How to Tap Into Your Intuitive Powers was not just an expensive audio book. To me, it’s a investment into Me, by Me, for Me, and I am worth every penny.

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